Bella d’Abrera Discussing Early Childhood Education Research Seven News Melbourne – 18 June 2024

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18 June 2024
Bella d’Abrera Discussing Early Childhood Education Research Seven News Melbourne – 18 June 2024 - Featured image

In this interview, the Institute Of Public Affairs’ Dr. Bella d’Abrera discusses the IPA’s research into government mandated indoctrination in childhood learning centres.

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Below is a transcript of the interview.

Peter Mitchell:

A fresh fight is erupting in our childcare centres with claims new classroom culture rules will turn youngsters woke. But operators are standing their ground, backing the regulations.

Jodi Lee:

At Boundary Lane Children’s Centre, students start each day with a Welcome to Country.

Felicity Buckland:

It normalises things that they’re going to learn about later on in life.

Jodi Lee:

The focus on reconciliation is recommended by the National Curriculum, that one conservative think tank has labelled dangerous.

Dr. Bella d’Abrera:

There is no place for indoctrination in childcare. We need to let kids be kids.

Jodi Lee:

The Institute of Public Affairs is concerned that the National Curriculum mentions diversity, inclusion, and equity 149 times and indigenous issues 96 times, but doesn’t include references to mother, father, or parents.

Dr. Bella d’Abrera:

There’s actual activism in the childcare centres, and there’s also concern that the parents are not involved in the education of their toddlers.

Anthony Semann:

One of the things that people assume is that we’re talking about stolen generations or things from the past that perhaps will upset young children. The reality is we’re teaching young children to accept people who are different.

Jodi Lee:

The Federal Education Department says learning about reconciliation in childcare is nothing new. In a statement, a spokesperson says the curriculum has always included a respect for diversity and an understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

Anthony Semann:

We need to trust our early childhood teachers and educators to know what they’re doing.

Jodi Lee:

Jodi Lee, 7 News.

This transcript from 7 News Melbourne from 18 June 2024 has been edited for clarity.

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