Bella d’Abrera Discussing Early Childhood Education Research Credlin Sky News Australia – 18 June 2024

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18 June 2024
Bella d’Abrera Discussing Early Childhood Education Research Credlin Sky News Australia – 18 June 2024 - Featured image

In this interview, the Institute Of Public Affairs’ Dr. Bella d’Abrera discusses the IPA’s research into government mandated indoctrination in childhood learning centres.

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Below is a transcript of the interview.

Steve Price:

Now, changing tact. There’s no denying that social justice and gender ideology has infiltrated our schools. We’ve been looking and talking about that for some time, but the Institute of Public Affairs now warns us that it’s creeping into early childhood learning centres, which of course are kindergartens. The IPA’s analysis of the federal government’s early years learning framework found that diversity, inclusion and equity mentioned 140 times. 149 times, actually. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and reconciliation was mentioned in that report 96 times. While mother, father, and parent were not mentioned at all. In addition, the framework encourages centres to perform a daily acknowledgement of country and display both the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags on their premises. For more on this, we are joined by the director of Foundations of Western Civilization Program at the IPA. Bella d’Abrera. Bella, what happened to just going in, colouring in and playing with toys during kindergarten? What are we doing to our children?

Dr. Bella d’Abrera:

Oh, good evening, Steve. You’re absolutely right. Early learnings now been infiltrated. Unfortunately, along the same lines that our primary schools and secondary schools have been infiltrated. What we uncovered in our research is that parents should be very worried about what is going on in early learning centres. So you have a document that is essentially an education syllabus for under fives. And within that document you have diversity, equity, and inclusion mentioned 140 times, and you have indigenous issues mentioned over 90 times. But as you mentioned, mother and father doesn’t feature at all and parents don’t feature at all. There’s basically no place for indoctrination in early learning centres, but unfortunately, this is what is going on across Australia.

Steve Price:

So Bella, we’re talking children age, what, three to five years old?

Dr. Bella d’Abrera:

It’s worse than that, Steve. It’s zero to five. So the document has been designed for and is called an early learning framework for zero to five-year-old. So it’s as soon as that child is conscious and able to sort take in pictures, and take in what’s going on around it. And so, they’ve divided the program into years. So when the two-year-olds come in, they’re expected to dance and sing along Aboriginal songs. And then, when they’re three, they should starting to talk about dream time. And when they get to five and six, they basically have to start talking about reconciliation and understanding that they are active citizens in a journey of reconciliations. This is exactly what the document tells. Early learning centres should be the purpose of early education.

Steve Price:

And you just wonder, Bella, whether parents actually know what’s going on inside some of these kindergartens. I note that document says that in the early years, it’s an exciting opportunity to explore issues around gender, sexuality, race, and culture. What the hell are two, three, four year olds wanting to find out about gender, sexuality and race and culture?

Dr. Bella d’Abrera:

Well, I mean, that’s a very pertinent question and it’s a question that all parents should be asking. As I said earlier, the kindergartens is absolutely no place to be talking to children about social justice and radical gender theory. It’s completely wrong, and parents need to start really looking into what is going on in the childcare centres that they’re sending their children to. They trust that they’re probably just playing in a sand pit or drawing with crayons, whereas actually it’s activism being pushed on their children. And what we’ve found is that this is just a pipeline of indoctrination. It starts in early childhood, it goes through primary school, and it gets straight into secondary school. And I’ve talked a lot on Sky about the national curriculum and how woke it is, which is actually why I’m working on a very important project now to declutter the national curriculum and take out all the woke elements. But unfortunately, starting very young, it’s starting when they’re still in nappies.

Steve Price: Outstanding work by you, Bella d’Abrera from the Institute of Public Affairs. Thank you very much for alerting us to that. And I alert parents to ask the questions of their children.

This transcript from Credlin Sky News Australia from 18 June 2024 has been edited for clarity.

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