Zachary Gorman

Dr Zachary Gorman was a Research Fellow and later an Adjunct Fellow  at the Institute of Public Affairs. He is a professional historian with a PhD from the University of Wollongong where he worked as a Tutor of history and politics, and a BA with honours first class from the University of Sydney.

In 2021 he was appointed the Academic Coordinator at the Robert Menzies Institute.

Zachary's research interest is on the origins of the classical liberal tradition both within Australia and in a wider Western context. He has been published in Quadrant, History Australia, the Journal of Australian Colonial History and the Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History. He wrote a chapter on George Reid in Gregory Melleuish's Liberalism and Conservatism and has also appeared on ABC Radio National.

Zachary is the author of Sir Joseph Carruthers: Founder of the New South Wales Liberal Party, published by Connor Court in 2018. The book is a biographical exploration of classical liberalism's impact on the Australian party system and how the term 'liberal' came to be associated with the right in Australian politics.

As a resident Research Fellow with the IPA's Foundations of Western Civilisation program (2018-2020) he explored the antecedents and impact of Magna Carta, trying to contextualise the famous document within a wider tradition of attempts to limit the power of potentially despotic governments.

The result is Summoning Magna Carta: Freedom's Symbol Over a Millennium, published in 2021 by the IPA in conjunction with Australian Scholarly Publishing, available here.