Theodora Pantelich

Generation Liberty Coordinator

Theodora Pantelich is the newest addition to the Generation Liberty team. Theodora will be taking on the role as part-time assistant to our National Manager, Renee Gorman. Generation Liberty is growing so fast that Renee needs an extra pair of hands to continue spreading liberty across Australia.

Freedom has always been very important for Theodora, partly due to her family history, Both her (maternal) grandfather and her father fled communist Yugoslavia for a better life, and various members of her family were imprisoned and had their property confiscated by the communist government.

Theodora is 19 years old and is in her third year of a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History and Russian. She has already noticed how far the ideology of identity politics has spread in the teaching of History during her time at University of Melbourne, but despite this she remains positive; “My experiences at university have only served to strengthen my belief in the importance of freedom. I now wish more than ever to be able to defend the spirit of liberty which has characterised Australia for generations. The tradition of freedom in all its forms is, to me, inseparable from human individuality, and I believe that, without freedom, our society will be unimaginably altered.”