Ryan Grice

Generation Liberty Coordinator

Ryan is a Campus Coordinator at the University of Queensland where he is studying Economics, with a major in International Trade and Finance and a particular interest in empirical skepticism and its application to the philosophy and foundations of economic interaction. He is still caught in the internal debate about whether his studies will lead to an optimistically influential role in public service or the alluring complexity and excitement of the finance sector. He enjoys exploring the minds of thinkers such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Nassim Taleb, and Will Self.

Ryan’s belief is that Australia and its people would benefit greatly from decentralization and an antifragile focus across its many interconnecting systems. He champions freedom because every spark of joy or genius in life comes from, or is created for, people. He believes in people and in free will, and that a pragmatic faith in the union of these two ideals is the best road to travel, even if it isn’t paved with bitumen by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport.

As a Campus Coordinator, Ryan wants to challenge his fellow students to regularly engage with their peers in communal activity and to question everything, including death and taxes.