Renee Gorman
Campus Coordinator

Renee Gorman is the Campus Coordinator at the University of Sydney for Generation Liberty; part of the Institute of Public Affairs’ Future of Freedom Program. Renee has taken on this role with enthusiasm and works closely with student groups and other young people to discuss free market ideas and encourage a university environment characterized by ideological tolerance and academic freedom.

Renee is passionate about protecting free speech on campus. She cut her teeth in the defence of freedom on campus by hosting a screening of the controversial film ‘The Red Pill’ despite the student unions attempts to shut her down. Thrown into the media spotlight after the attempted ban was made public, Renee proved herself to be articulate and cool headed when questioned. She appeared on the Bolt Report, ABC radio and the popular American internet show ‘Louder with Crowder’. This steady performance in the face of leftist criticism along with shared ideas is what brought Renee to IPA.

Before joining the IPA Renee worked for both State and Federal parliamentarians as well as the New South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet as a media officer and graphic designer. Currently Renee runs her own sole trade business as a graphic designer and freelance journalist.

Renee grew up the suburbs of Melbourne and attended Brunswick Secondary College, during her high school years she was a state level debater and award winning public speaker. At the end of year 12 she decided to move to Regional NSW after meeting her now husband Dr Zachary Gorman. It was there that she completed her Bachelor degree in Graphic Design and entered her first parliamentary office.

She is now studying a Masters in Media Practice, focusing on political media and PR strategy, and serves on the executive of The University of Sydney Conservative Club and The Students for Liberty club on campus.

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