Peumike Dissanayake
Generation Liberty Coordinator

Peumike Dissanayake is a Doctor of Medicine (MD) Student and a Campus Coordinator for the IPA at Monash University. Peumike has a passion for Australian public policy pertaining to free markets, small government and individual flourishing. Both a classical liberal and engaged medical student, Peumike aims to make a tangible difference in the intersection between the very personal sphere of clinicians and the very public world of policy and government.

Through the IPA and Generation Liberty, Peumike hopes to further his mission of achieving an honest, fair, and optimistic world based upon liberty and respect. He wants future generations to live in a society where they can thrive being uniquely themselves and free from sickness and suffering, both physically and psychologically.

In the meantime, Peumike aspires to be “a voice for freedom” for youth across Australia and foster a community where young people can appreciate the values of classical liberal philosophy and policy.

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