Michael Barrett

Communications Manager

Michael has an in-house editorial role at the IPA, assisting with the production of its publications and contributing material to the IPA Review and IPA Facts.

Prior to this, he spent 25 years working in and around Australian politics. He has worked as a political party staffer, and as a ministerial adviser at both state and federal levels. He also spent 10 years overseeing advocacy and government relations for two not-for-profits in the health sector.

Michael has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) degree from the University of Melbourne. His Honours thesis was entitled “The Electoral Death of the DLP, April-May 1974: A Political Whodunnit”.

Unapologetically old fashioned, Michael recognises the timeless value of constitutional monarchy, the Westminster inheritance, the rule of law, laissez-faire economics, the free exchange of ideas, and smallest possible government.

In addition to Australian political history, Michael’s interests include 20th century English literature, Indian history and society, and all things French. He enjoys travelling, reading and cinema.

He loves good, unpretentious restaurants and believes these are best enjoyed in the company of family or close friends.