Matthew Covelli

Digital Communications Coordinator

Matthew Covelli is the Digital Communications Coordinator at the Institute of Public Affairs. He joined the IPA in 2021 after having worked in the retail sector as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer.

Bringing 12 years’ experience from the field of Multimedia & Graphic Design, Matthew’s role as the IPA’s Digital Communications Coordinator focuses on the smooth translation of digitally based projects from concept to implementation, centering particularly on Electronic Digital Marketing (EDM), website development and improving the website experience for our members.

With a passion for modern technology and pop-culture, particularly gaming, novels and movies, these avocations along with changing trends in multimedia inspire his work ethos and philosophies.

Matthew joined the IPA because of his shared philosophies in freedom of speech, religion, education, and individualism. He believes the IPA provides a platform on which views and conversations revolving around these topics, and other current issues, can be freely expressed with factually researched work, giving balance to the debate.

Matthew has a Diploma in Printing and Graphic Arts (Multimedia) from Kangan Institute 2009.