Laura Glase
Generation Liberty Coordinator
03 9600 4744
Level 2, 410 Collins St, Melbourne 3000 VIC

Laura studies a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney and majors in History and Politics. After entering university intending to pursue History, Laura became caught up in the excitement of campus politics and has never looked back!

After spending much of her youth surrounded by left-wing ideology, Laura learnt shortly before entering university that there was a whole other side of the wider political debate, one that provided truth, liberty and value. Since then, Laura has been committed to sharing this side with other students who may feel isolated in their beliefs.

As a campus co-ordinator for Generation Liberty, Laura hopes to balance the political debate on campus and ensure that the voices of all students are being heard, as well as giving hope to those students who feel that their beliefs and opinions do not have a place amongst their peers at University.

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