Lana Starkey

Research Assistant

Lana Starkey is a Research Assistant at the Institute of Public Affairs.

A writer with a wealth of experience in academe, Lana joined the IPA in 2023 amidst a crisis of freedom of speech on campus. Drawn to the IPA’s commitment to the Enlightenment values of open and honest debate and factually based research, Lana comes to the IPA with its emphasis on rigour and balance front of mind.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts with first class honours in Philosophy from the University of Queensland and a deferred Doctor of Philosophy in English Literature. Her thesis Scepticism and the Essay as genre in seventeenth-century England is pending publication.

Lana has extensive experience lecturing and tutoring at universities and has presented papers at academic conferences in Australian, the UK, and Europe, winning various scholarships and awards including a grant from the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions in Europe 1100-1800 and the ASCP Best Postgraduate Paper.

She has published in leading academic journals, literary magazines, and writes regularly for Quadrant, The Spectator Australia, and The Hungarian Conservative.