Criostoir McCaughan
Campus Coordinator
Level 2, 410 Collins St, Melbourne 3000 VIC

Criostoir McCaughan is the IPA Campus Coordinator at Campion College Australia. He is currently entering into his third year of his Bachelor of Liberal Arts course. The Liberal Arts is a study of Western Civilisation within the particular subject areas of History, Literature, Theology, Philosophy and Science; a chronological study of Western thought from the Ancients, to Medieval and to Modern. Currently, his aspirations for the future lie in Acting and Performance, where he would like to one day become an A-list actor and be a voice for freedom in an otherwise hostile environment. A staunch Conservatarian, Criostoir has worked in Marketing, Retail and Hospitality industries and has found top-down suppression of his right to free speech. He believes freedom is so important, particularly when you know you are proclaiming truth in the face of irrational ideas. Criostoir says “It’s one of the reasons why I love being a Campus Coordinator. In Generation Liberty students find a rally point for their voice for freedom. The IPA’s presence on University campuses is pivotal to their freedom of speech. Unprecedented attacks on our basic freedoms have risen exponentially in the last decade. Starting at the Universities. Enough is enough. It’s time to fight back. Vive la révolution.”

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