Bradley Bowden
Adjunct Fellow
Level 2, 410 Collins St, Melbourne 3000 VIC

Bradley Bowden is an Adjunct Professor at Griffith University whose career has revolved around the study and passionate defense of the Australian way of life and Western Civilisation. After studying Classics and European history at the University of Queensland in the early 1970s, he spent 9 years as a seafarer before completing a PhD on labour history at the University of Wollongong in 1991.

Bowden’s long years as a seafarer left him with an abiding respect for working people. Employed continuously by Griffith University from 1995 onwards, Bowden’s interests increasingly focused on the positive role of entrepreneurship and free market capitalism. Serving as Chair of the Management History Division of the (American) Academy of Management in 2016-17, Bowden became the foremost critic of postmodernist influence in business and management studies.

He was twice awarded the John F Mee Award by the Academy of Management for Outstanding Contributions to Management History. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Management History. He is also currently Editor-in-Chief of Palgrave Macmillan’s Debates in Business History book series.


His current research focuses on the ways in which encroaching state power threatens the democratic and social achievements of Western Civilisation.