Boris Pribil
Generation Liberty Coordinator

Boris Pribil is the IPA's Campus Coordinator at RMIT. Born and raised in Melbourne, from the start of high school he jumped into the political sphere. Like any little boy, the beards, flags and patriotic Russian mother took him straight to the USSR, but, in his words, "I quickly grew a brain and by the end of my schooling I was inseparable from the Australian flag". Joining a few political organisations, consuming all the latest ‘left vs right’ debates and of course, good chats with a parma at the pub meant he was quickly headed down the path of causing some trouble (well, modern trouble that is, having any opinion right of Karl Marx).

Ironically, he currently finds himself less than 10m from a hammer and sickle, in ‘communist’ Vietnam. Luckily, being a Campus Coordinator for the IPA can happen from anywhere on the planet, and as Boris says, "producing content from anywhere in the world for anyone in the world is one of the best strengths of the IPA. So say hip* hip* hooray*, for the IPA".

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