Richard Allsop
Senior Fellow

Richard Allsop is a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs.

When Richard began at the IPA as a Research Fellow in 2006, he focused on issues around the delivery of public transport services and infrastructure projects. He completed a study of the results of the privatisation of public transport services in Victoria and a paper on transport reform in Western Australia. Richard brought an extensive understanding of transport issues to the IPA, having been Chief of Staff to two Victorian Transport Ministers in the 1990s.

Richard also did significant work on nanny state issues, particularly in relation to gambling. In more recent years, Richard’s work at the IPA has focused on the “Foundations of Western Civilisation” program and writing about Australia’s political, cultural and intellectual history. He has written for a range of publications including The Australian, The Age and Spectator Australia, and contributed a chapter to the book, The Premiers of Victoria 1856-2006. In 2014, the IPA published Richard’s Liberalism: A Short History.

Away from the IPA, other roles Richard has held include being Media Adviser to the Federal Assistant Treasurer, a Senior Associate at Globe Communications, Director - Government Relations for The Agenda Group, and Chair of the Board of the Public Transport Ombudsman Victoria. He has co-authored two books of football history, and has worked on election night coverages for various television networks since 1990.

He has a BA (Hons) from the University of Melbourne and a PhD in history from Monash University.