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Since its founding in 1943, the Institute of Public Affairs has had one overarching commitment: to maintain and enhance the Australian way of life.

Today, the Australian way of life is under tremendous strain. Our landmark report, The Fair Go – Going Gone, released on Australia Day, shows that on 25 key metrics of the quality of our way of life, 23 have declined since 2000.

What is causing this collapse?

To answer this question, the IPA is developing a new research program, and we are delighted that the 28th Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, is joining us as a Distinguished Fellow to help set the direction of the program and communicate its findings.

As the IPA Executive Director, John Roskam, says in the video announcing Tony’s appointment:

Tony Abbott understands what is at stake. His election in 2013 was a watershed in Australian history… His election was a precursor to what was later to happen in the Britain and the United States… because he spoke for mainstream Australians and the Australian Way of Life.

There is no-one better in Australia to fight for our way of life than Tony Abbott.

The program we are developing will explore key themes underlying the declining living standards that Australians are facing, including:

  • Rising elite hostility to Australia’s traditional values of freedom for individuals, families, and communities; classlessness, meaning no unmerited privileges; and the impartial rule of law
  • The fracture of our country into two Australias – one an entrenched and thriving administrative class, the other, a yeoman class struggling survive in an economy increasingly weighted against them
  • Growing dissatisfaction with our political class and their ability and willingness to faithfully represent mainstream values and interests.

Together, these phenomena pose a growing threat to the free and democratic Australia that we all love – perhaps the greatest threat to our way of life since World War II.

There is, then, much work to do, and plenty to come from Tony and the team here at the IPA.  We will be developing original research and analysis, and shared by Tony through online and offline media and events.

Watch this space. We will be making some major announcements in coming weeks.

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