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Australia's federal system of governance is intended to limit the power of government and increase its accountability. However, it has deep, systemic flaws which are only serving to undermine the quality of government services and waste scarce public funds. The Institute of Public Affairs States Policy Unit highlights the need for genuine competitive federalism. States and the Commonwealth need to be accountable to the public and responsive to the need for continued economic reform.

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States in crisis mirror EU

States Policy Unit | John Roskam
The Australian Financial Review 17th June, 2011

As the euro zone teeters on the brink, interested bystanders ask how long Germany will keep bailing out Greece, and why on earth it wants to. But...

The meter's running as Canberra eyes states' powers

Economics & Deregulation, Governance & Service Provision, Deregulation Unit and States Policy Unit | Chris Berg
The Sunday Age 15th November, 2009

Reorganisation, wrote journalist Charlton Ogburn, is a wonderful way of creating the illusion of progress. So last week the Federal Government...

Red tape excess holds back State's progress

Economics & Deregulation, Project Western Australia and States Policy Unit | Mikayla Novak
The West Australian 18th June, 2009

The Western Australian economy might be reeling from the impact of the global financial crisis and retreating commodities boom, but not everything...

Axe this millstone on employment

Economics & Deregulation and States Policy Unit | Mikayla Novak
The Australian 12th March, 2009

If one waits long enough, one might witness the spectacle of the policy wheel turning full circle on payroll tax. In June 1971, prime minister John...

Disappearing income exposes the state's lack of planning

Economics & Deregulation, The Global Financial Crisis and States Policy Unit | Mikayla Novak
Courier Mail 24th February, 2009

The latest economic and fiscal update, released last week by State Treasurer Andrew Fraser, shows the Queensland Budget going from good to bad to...

In a state of dysfunction

States Policy Unit | Mikayla Novak
Australian Financial Review 14th January, 2009

Despite what most people think these days, state and territory governments still matter. By managing more than $167 billion of spending, including...


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IPA State Business Tax Calculator.

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IPA State Business Tax Calculator 2011 - Fact Sheets

Governing in ignorance: Australian governments legislating, without understanding, intellectual property


Monday, 26th of April 2010 is World Intellectual Property Day. Intellectual property is one of the most poorly understood areas of public policy, but also one of the most important to understand in a knowledge economy. Yet legislators regularly...