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The need for a new approach to policy formulation in Western Australia is abundantly clear. If Western Australia is to fully profit from the opportunities presented by its natural wealth and the rise of the Asian economies, then a new attitude is needed.

Project Western Australia is a forward-looking joint program of the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation and the Institute of Public Affairs, Australia's leading free market think tank. Project Western Australia is aimed at stimulating policy discussion and development.


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Red tape excess holds back State's progress

Economics & Deregulation, Project Western Australia and States Policy Unit | Mikayla Novak
The West Australian 18th June, 2009

The Western Australian economy might be reeling from the impact of the global financial crisis and retreating commodities boom, but not everything...

ACCC in dangerous game of monopoly

Deregulation Unit and Project Western Australia | Louise Staley
Australian Financial Review 22nd April, 2009

The deregulation of wheat marketing last year should have meant the end of inefficient and anti-competitive practices. Yet one single desk has been...

Case is overwhelming to extend shop hours

Ideas & Liberty, Deregulation Unit and Project Western Australia | Louise Staley
The West Australian 3rd October, 2008

Already retail trading is troubling the new Barnett Government. Big supermarket chains have been quick to press for reform, arguing the current...

Policy paralysis holds Perth back

Project Western Australia | Louise Staley
Western Suburbs Weekly 31st October, 2007

Surely Perth is already highly liveable? In many ways this is true natural beauty, amenable climate and easy beach access deliver a great...


Project Western Australia: A Growth and Productivity Agenda for the Next Government

BOOK | John Hyde and Andrew Pickford

The need for sound economic reform never ends. But there has never been a more important time than now. In this important volume, John Hyde and Andrew Pickford pull together the most important priorities for the next government of...

The great lock out: the impact of housing and land regulations in Western Australia

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Mikayla Novak and Alan Moran

Government interventions in the housing market restrict the supply of land for housing and raise its costs. The public policy interventions in land supply and development markets are numerous. Centred on planning and environmental policies, they...

A Reform Agenda for Western Australia


In conjunction with the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation. Launched 27 August 2008 in Perth by John Hyde and Ron Manners.