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The Institute of Public Affairs examines the philosophical and moral case for liberty. By situating current political, economic and social debate in the history of Australian and international liberalism, it is possible to shed new light on the questions of today. The Institute of Public Affairs approaches political debate firmly grounded with an appreciation of entrepeneurship, civil liberties, individual responsiblity and free markets.

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The redundancy of new anti-terrorism laws

Ideas & Liberty | Chris Berg
The Drum 30th September, 2014

Incitement to violence is against the law. It's always been against the law. Every Australian state penalises incitement. The Commonwealth makes it...

Abbott heads for the shifting centre

Ideas & Liberty | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 12th September, 2014

All things considered, the Coalition government isn't going too badly when on the first anniversary of its election it is only trailing the Labor...

Romanticising reform: we've set the bar too high

Ideas & Liberty | Chris Berg
The Drum 10th September, 2014

Is major economic reform no longer possible? That's the conclusion Paul Kelly draws in his recently released history of the Rudd and Gillard...

Mandatory sentencing: a king hit for courts

Ideas & Liberty and Legal Rights Project | Chris Berg
The Drum 19th August, 2014

You can smell the air of an election in Victoria. On Sunday the Napthine Government announced it wants 10-year mandatory minimum sentences for...

ACCC goes AWOL on union bullies

Ideas & Liberty | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 18th July, 2014

The Abbott government's Royal Commission on Trade Union Governance and Corruption is aimed at the wrong target. It's the regulators and the law...

The lessons Abbott should learn from Victoria

Ideas & Liberty | Chris Berg
ABC The Drum 15th July, 2014

Tony Abbott ought to be watching Victoria closely. His problem - a disgruntled former Liberal controlling the balance of power and holding the...


Aunty out of control


There's only one way to fix the ABC, and that is by privatising it. Everything else is window dressing. If the ABC wants to be reformed, they are doing everything in their power to make it happen. Since the election of the Abbott government, it is...

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