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The Institute of Public Affairs examines the philosophical and moral case for liberty. By situating current political, economic and social debate in the history of Australian and international liberalism, it is possible to shed new light on the questions of today. The Institute of Public Affairs approaches political debate firmly grounded with an appreciation of entrepeneurship, civil liberties, individual responsiblity and free markets.

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Malcolm Turnbull must ignore the luvvies - he leads a centre-right party

Ideas & Liberty | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 21st October, 2016

Tony Abbott is right. Australians are sick of the revolving door of prime ministers. As Abbott said on Wednesday, there's not going to be a change...

Section 18C must go as it curbs freedom of speech

Ideas & Liberty | Simon Breheny
The Australian 14th October, 2016

Freedom of speech is meaningless if all it entails is the liberty to express opinions approved by the state. Freedom of speech is richer than that....

Blue Poles: sell this monument to madness

Ideas & Liberty | Bella d'Abrera
The Spectator Australia 14th October, 2016

Jackson Pollock's Blue Poles must be sold. Not because it's a bad painting or because it fails the Australian test, but because it of what has come...


Ideas & Liberty | Matthew Lesh
The Spectator Australia 8th October, 2016

I arrive at Melbourne airport for my midnight flight with an unfortunately timed cold. My lack of sleep after Canberra's ultimate insider event,...

High cost of the warm and fuzzies

Ideas & Liberty | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 7th October, 2016

The bank boss parliamentary inquisition ordered by Malcolm Turnbull has served one useful purpose. It has got bankers doing something they don't do...

We Need To Raise The Bar Of Our Criminal Justice System

Ideas & Liberty | Andrew Bushnell
Huffington Post 1st August, 2016

The recent Four Corners exposé of mistreatment of young people in juvenile detention in the Northern Territory shocked all Australians. The...


A world without cultural appropriation


Author Lionel Shriver raised a lot of controversy at this year's Brisbane Writers' Festival for launching a defence of cultural appropriation. She argued that authors should be able to borrow the experiences of people from other cultures to inform...

Volunteerism and civil society


The principles of civil society are at the heart of Australia's social fabric. Throughout history, Australians have exemplified an altruism and generosity that has enriched our public life and supported the most vulnerable members of our...

Royal Commission Into Abuse in Juvenile Detention Should Put Criminal Justice Reform on the National Agenda

MEDIA RELEASE | Andrew Bushnell

"The 4 Corners exposé of abuse in juvenile detention centres in the Northern Territory has shocked the national conscience and should raise broader questions about Australia's approach to criminal justice," said Andrew Bushnell, Research...