Governance & Service Provision

Governance & Service Provision

The Institute of Public Affairs examines the the critical area of government and public sector reform, the importance of a strong civil society and high levels of social capital, and the importance of choice and competition in the traditionally government provided sectors of health and education.

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Gillard's government balancing act

Governance & Service Provision | Chris Berg
The Drum Unleashed 28th December, 2010

As 2011 opens, Labor is going to face that Julia Gillard's biggest problem is a crisis of legitimacy. Not the sort of legitimacy Tony Abbott was...

Words must turn into action on free trade

Economics & Deregulation, Governance & Service Provision and Education | Tim Wilson
The Drum Unleashed 15th December, 2010

Craig Emerson's excellent speech leading the directionless Gillard Government toward a new free trade revolution are welcome words, but only if he...

Good intentions don't mean good policy

Governance & Service Provision | Sinclair Davidson
The Australian 13th December, 2010

Banking is risky business. Banking policy is even more risky. Good intentions often lead to increased moral hazard and expensive policy failure....

Pursuit of climate change treaty is a waste of energy

Governance & Service Provision, Energy and Climate Change | Tim Wilson
Weekend Australian 11th December, 2010

Climate change negotiations should be put on ice. This morning Australian time, the sun will set on the UN climate change negotiations in Cancun,...

Overreaction to terrorism the big threat

Governance & Service Provision and Ideas & Liberty | Chris Berg
Sydney Morning Herald 11th December, 2010

Governments take terrorist threats very seriously. But the seriousness of terrorism has to be balanced against how very ineffective - even...

Breaches will breed secrecy

Governance & Service Provision, Ideas & Liberty and Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit | Tom Switzer
The Courier Mail 9th December, 2010

Why such a panic about WikiLeaks? Didn't we already know that Silvio Berlusconi has an eye for pretty ladies? Or that Kevin Rudd is a control freak...

Sequel to Copenhagen Resembles the Remake of a Bad Movie

Food & Environment, Governance & Service Provision, Energy and Climate Change | Tim Wilson
The Australian 2nd December, 2010

One year after the Copenhagen climate change circus, the Gillard government is being dragged by the Greens towards policies that are out of step...

WikiLeaks and the virtue of transparency

Governance & Service Provision, Ideas & Liberty and Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit | Chris Berg
The Drum Unleashed 1st December, 2010

WikiLeaks's release of American diplomatic cables "may put lives at risk". The White House spokesman Robert Gibbs claims that the release may...

Result shows Liberal Party a broad church

Governance & Service Provision | Tim Wilson
The Age 29th November, 2010

Assuming Ted Baillieu pulls off victory following Saturday's decisive swing, both the new government and the Liberal Party will have to act quickly...

If marriage is so good, why not invite everyone in?

Governance & Service Provision | Chris Berg
The Sunday Age 21st November, 2010

It didn't take much for a wave of pro-gay marriage sentiment to echo through the socially liberal wing of the Labor Party. A Greens motion that...

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