Governance & Service Provision

Governance & Service Provision

The Institute of Public Affairs examines the the critical area of government and public sector reform, the importance of a strong civil society and high levels of social capital, and the importance of choice and competition in the traditionally government provided sectors of health and education.

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Why protecting the pension is a political con job

Governance & Service Provision | Chris Berg
Sunday Age 26th January, 2014

You'll only make it in politics if you are willing to be completely shameless. On Tuesday Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews flagged a major...

A peer funding model for the arts?

Governance & Service Provision | Jason Potts
The Conversation 14th January, 2014

A recent paper by five mathematical computer scientists at Indiana University (published in EMBO Reports, a forum for short papers in molecular...

Barack to the future

Governance & Service Provision | Tom Switzer
The Age 8th November, 2012

Barack Obama and his supporters in America and abroad are understandably thrilled after winning a remarkable electoral victory. They are entitled...

The 50,000+ staff draining our economy

Economics & Deregulation and Governance & Service Provision | Julie Novak
The Public Sector Informant 6th November, 2012

'Fiscal austerity'' has become the phrase of choice for Western countries that need to rectify the excesses of recent decades, culminating in the...

In praise of ticket scalping, horse eating and trading in human organs

Governance & Service Provision | Chris Berg
The Sunday Age 4th November, 2012

Should we be able to buy horse meat at restaurants or for home cooking? It is not as if horses are a protected species. We already export them for...

2016 holds hope for Republicans

Governance & Service Provision | James Paterson
The Drum 8th December, 2011

Looking at the current crop of Republican presidential hopefuls, it's no wonder many conservatives are despondent. To call the field lacklustre is...

Crippled by its crutches

Governance & Service Provision | John Roskam
The Australian Financial Review 2nd December, 2011

According to Ralph Norris, overseas investors are worried about the Gillard government. No matter how worried overseas investors are, they should...

The less Parliament sits, the better off we all will be

Governance & Service Provision and Ideas & Liberty | Chris Berg
The Sunday Age 20th November, 2011

'We're getting on with the job.'' This has long been the standard response of Julia Gillard and her leadership team to questions about low poll...

One savings account we don't need

Governance & Service Provision and Nanny State | James Paterson
The Spectator Australia 23rd September, 2011

How could a Liberal support a sovereign wealth fund? A number of Liberal MPs have recently been publicly floating the idea of a sovereign wealth...

Is the nostalgia surrounding the Button Steel Plan misguided?

Governance & Service Provision and Nanny State | Julie Novak
Online Opinion 23rd September, 2011

In late August, BlueScope Steel announced it would close a blast furnace in Port Kembla and a hot strip mill in Hastings, southern Victoria, as...

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