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The Institute of Public Affairs examines education policy from the principle that competition and choice is as effective at ensuring quality as it is in other Australian sectors. In primary, secondary and tertiary education, the need for the application of these principles is clear.

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A new breed of ‘historian’

Education | Bella d'Abrera
The Spectator Australia 11th January, 2017

In the next few weeks, thousands of young Australians, having just finished 12 years of schooling, will be preparing themselves for what should be...

Censorship, trigger warnings and “free speech”: the National Union of Students meets

Education | Matthew Lesh
The Spectator Australia 13th December, 2016

This week the rabble that is the National Union of Students will hold their annual National Conference in Geelong at Deakin University. The...

Dead to history

Education | Matthew Lesh
Quadrant 8th September, 2016

A movement to censor our history is forming at Australian universities. Students and academics are campaigning for buildings and lecture halls to...

Learning when to catch blackfish

Education | Bella d'Abrera
The Spectator Australia 30th July, 2016

This article was written by Bella D'Abrera and Matthew Lesh The NSW draft curriculum released last week glosses over thousands of years of western...

The left are launching strikes on liberty in schools and churches

Education | Morgan Begg
Mercury 18th June, 2016

The Green-Left presents itself as the tolerant brand of politics. In reality, it only tolerates government interference with our freedom. The...

Bill Shorten's wrong: more Gonski money won't help schools

Education The Australian 29th January, 2016

The fallacy that resources, facilities and more money are the key to building a successful education system is alive and well in Australia....


Response to Tertiary Education Quality Standards - Diversity and Equity


The proposed draft Guidance Note represents a significant threat to freedom of speech and free academic inquiry in Australia’s universities. The Guidance Note should be withdrawn. The concerns with the Guidance Note are as follows: The...

Free speech on campus audit 2016


Freedom of speech is under serious threat at Australian universities. The Free Speech on Campus Audit 2016 is a systematic review of intellectual freedom on Australian campuses using a methodology adapted from American and British assessments of...

Eight in 10 universities restrict free speech: IPA report

MEDIA RELEASE | Matthew Lesh

Free speech at Australian universities is under serious threat according to a new report from the free market think thank the Institute of Public Affairs. The Free Speech on Campus Audit 2016 is a first-of-its-kind systematic review of university...