Economics & Deregulation

Economics & Deregulation

Economic policy research has been a core area of the Institute of Public Affairs since the IPA was founded in 1943. The IPA examines state and federal tax, spending and regulatory initiatives, looking carefully at the unintended consequences of government intervention in the economy. Of particular interest are tax reform, government spending, industrial relations, trade liberalisation, economic freedom, physical and intellectual property rights and regulation.

Sub-topics of Economics & Deregulation


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IPA welcomes Victorian auditor generals report on the need to reform red tape programs

MEDIA RELEASE | Evan Mulholland

The Institute of Public Affairs welcomes the calls for reform of red tape reduction programs in Victoria, including improved measurement, transparency and accountability across the system. These comments follow the tabling of the Victorian Auditor...

Worsening red tape harming Queensland's economy


"A survey of Queensland resource company CEOs which shows concerns about harmful red tape at a near-five year high should be a wake up call for the Queensland and Commonwealth governments", said Chris Berg, senior fellow at the free market think...

The 176 billion tax on our prosperity


This is the first of a series of papers investigating the dimensions of red tape costs in Australia. There is widespread concern that government red tape imposes substantial costs upon the Australian economy. These costs typically come in the form...

Red Tape Costs the Australian Economy 176 Billion


New research by free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs estimates that red tape costs the Australian economy $176 billion per year - or 11 per cent of GDP. This is far greater than the Commonwealth Government's current estimate of...

The case for personal income taxation cuts


Tax reform would benefit by following one simple motif: don't tax what you want more of. It follows that cutting income tax rates should be a boon for the Australian economy-freeing up labour markets, incentivising work, and stimulating...

Budget allocates over 800 million dollars for more red tape: IPA

MEDIA RELEASE | Darcy Allen and Chris Berg

The Commonwealth budget allocates over $800 million in additional funding to big regulators to create more red tape, according to free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. "Handing more money to regulators such as the ATO and ASIC...

Superannuation Tax Increases to Hurt Savings


The tax increases on superannuation announced in last night's Federal Budget are bad policy and will further damage confidence in the superannuation system, according to free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. "The purpose of the...

Submission to the Senate Inquiry into White-Collar Crime Penalties

SUBMISSION | Darcy Allen and Chris Berg

On 25 November 2015 the Senate referred an Inquiry to the Senate Economics References Committee. This Inquiry, due to report in July 2016, focuses on the ‘inconsistencies of current criminal, civil and administrative penalties' for...

ATO tax reporting just another case of wasteful red tape: IPA

MEDIA RELEASE | Mikayla Novak

The Australian Taxation Office's disclosure of large private company tax information does not meaningfully add to public transparency about the tax system and should be scrapped, according to free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs....

Red tape report shows little reduction in burden


While a $3 billion reduction in regulatory burden is highly commendable it is a mere drop in the ocean, according to free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. This is especially so considering in 2014 the Commonwealth government...

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