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Education and federalism: the last line of defence

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Byron Hodkinson

One of federalism's great virtues is that it provides a means to smaller government. Demarcated power limits the spending excesses of individual governments and provides a check to overarching state authority. The politics of Australian federalism...

Let kids be kids

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Cassandra Wilkinson

An absurd over-protectiveness of our children is being encouraged by our media, culture and government. Our outdoor lifestyle, rugged country and self-reliant mindset served our elders well through tough times. Those being raised to fear a skinned...

Towards true transparency


In recent years, Australian politics has been dominated by calls for greater transparency and accountability. Advances in online technology such as the rise of social networking and ‘web 2.0' allows citizens to interact with the government...

Libertarian escapism


Are you depressed by smoking cigarettes from a brown packet? Upset that the cops gave your teenage daughter a fine for not wearing a bike helmet? Try television! Its new, gentler formula is designed to ease the indigestion that comes from...

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