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Submission to the Australian Energy Market Commissions Review of Retail Electricity Market Trends


Efficiency of Different Electricity Jurisdictions' Residential Supply

Dawn of a new class


We can thank Charles Dickens for the way the term ‘Industrial Revolution' brings to mind the image of a grimy-faced Oliver Twist or a hungry David Copperfield roaming the mean, dirty streets of London. In fact, Dickens' portrayal of the...

2013 C.D. Kemp Lecture


Delivered by Matt Ridley And then in conversation with Bjorn Lomborg Vote of thanks by Andrew Abercrombie Click here to see the videos

Dangerous Ethics


Following the horrific Rana Plaza building collapse in April which claimed over 1100 lives, western retailers who source their garments from Bangladesh have been the subject of public vitriol. This is misguided. These companies have been a part of...

Heads must roll over malicious pursuit of innocent farmer

MEDIA RELEASE | Simon Breheny

"The Western Australian government must launch an immediate inquiry into the WA Department of Environment and Conservation after the disgraceful way in which the department pursued an innocent farmer," said Simon Breheny, director of the Legal...

NSW graffiti laws criminalise hopscotch

MEDIA RELEASE | Simon Breheny

"Laws that make criminals of children chalking hopscotch courts are an outrage," said Simon Breheny, Editor, FreedomWatch at free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. The Graffiti Control Amendment Bill 2013 (NSW) would make it...

Queensland's 3am trading curfew must be rejected

MEDIA RELEASE | Simon Breheny

"The Queensland government must reject the proposal to force pubs and clubs to shut their doors at 3am," said Simon Breheny, Editor of FreedomWatch at free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. Queensland's Attorney-General Jarrod...

How Christians & classical liberals defeated slavery


Slavery is one of the biggest blights on human history. Its abolition is one of humanity's greatest triumphs. But in our secular age it's easy to forget one of the great drivers behind that triumph: how Christianity and free market economists led...

Former High Court Judge: media regulator potentially unconstitutional

MEDIA RELEASE | Simon Breheny

"IPA commissioned legal advice from former High Court Justice Ian Callinan demonstrates that attempts to regulate the media may be unconstitutional," said Simon Breheny, Director of the Legal Rights Project at free market think tank the Institute...

Rudd tax surge a disaster for working Australians: IPA

MEDIA RELEASE | Mikayla Novak

The Rudd government's Economic Statement, released today, reveals a raft of damaging tax hikes to bankroll a continuing spending splurge over the next few years, according to free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. ‘The...

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