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Climategate: What we've learned so far

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Chris Berg and Sinclair Davidson

The exposure of thousands of emails and documents from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia is one of the biggest developments in the climate change debate for the last ten years. The emails-now dubbed...

Costly, ineffectual and protectionist carbon tariffs

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Tim Wilson and Caitlin Brown

Many developed country governments are in the process of negotiating for the introduction of carbon price signals to incentivise business and consumers to reduce their carbon footprint. Individual European countries and the European Union already...

The natural history of climate change


Some of us underpin our environmentalism with political and romantic idealism, others underpin it with emotion, others have a religious view of the environment, some underpin their environmental view with economic pragmatism and many, like me, try...

Open letter: Institute of Public Affairs climate change research

| John Roskam and Alan Moran

In this letter sent to Federal senators, John Roskam and Alan Moran outline the results of the Institute of Public Affairs climate change research program, which has been going since the 1990s.

Over-ruled: How excessive regulation and legislation is holding back Western Australia

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Chris Berg and Christopher Murn

Western Australia has developed a reputation as the most over-regulated Australian state. Past Western Australian governments have been reluctant to introduce the basic regulatory review processes found in other states. While the Barnett...

Controversial bestselling book on climate change to be launched in Melbourne


Heaven + Earth - Global Warming: The Missing Science, a new book by Professor Ian Plimer about climate change, will be launched at the Hotel Windsor in Melbourne by the Institute of Public Affairs and Connor Court Publishing.

ETS should be scrapped, not delayed


"While a delay is welcome, the ETS should be scrapped entirely," said John Roskam of the Institute of Public Affairs, a free market think tank. Kevin Rudd announced today that the government's ETS - effectively a tax on energy - is to be postponed...

Submission to Senate Economics Committee Inquiry into the exposure drafts of the legislation to implement the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme


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