Failure of Lomborg centre a victory for censorship: IPA


| Morgan Begg

Failure of Lomborg centre a victory for censorship: IPA

The Turnbull government's decision to abandon funding for Bjorn Lomborg's Australia Consensus Centre reveals the dire state of academic freedom in Australia, according to free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs.

"This is a victory for censorship and groupthink," says Morgan Begg, Editor of the IPA's FreedomWatch.

"By making this decision, the government has surrendered to the demands of the Centre's hysterical opponents, who only want a narrow range of views heard at universities."

"Universities should be a place for students to expand their minds and have their beliefs challenged. This decision reflects how far away from that ideal our universities currently are."

"The belief of the Greens' higher education spokesman Robert Simms that ‘this is great news for the academic integrity of our universities' reveals that opposition to Lomborg's centre is explicitly censorious and intolerant of opposing views."

"Bjorn Lomborg's research on development and poverty is world-class. The real victims from this decision are the students," says Mr Begg.

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