FOI Documents Show Combet Misled Australians on Carbon Tax


| Tim Wilson

FOI Documents Show Combet Misled Australians on Carbon Tax

'Greg Combet, the Minister for Climate Change has misled Australians about China's price on carbon according to documents released to the Institute of Public Affairs under Freedom of Information', said Director of Climate Change Policy, Tim Wilson, today.

Mr Wilson's comments follow the release of FOI documents made available to the Institute of Public Affairs into a Climate Change Department-funded report by Vivid Economics.

'The Minister has claimed China's price on carbon is $8.08 per tonne compared to Australia's $2.34', Mr Wilson said.

'Documents released under Freedom of Information reveal that the Minister's own Department advised that China's price on carbon was really only $1.78 -less than Australia's $2.34.

'The FOI documents show that despite Climate Change Minister Combet arguing China's carbon tax rate is nearly three times higher than Australia's his Department knew it was less.

'After the release of the Vivid Economics report Climate Change Minister Combet claimed 'the myth that Australia is acting ahead of the world is just that - a myth'.

'These FOI documents show the only myths are those promoted by the Minister and he now needs to come clean about why his Department knew he was misleading the public but kept doing so.

'Since breaking its 'no carbon tax' pledge the government has continually promoted misinformation to justify the introduction of its economically harmful tax. It's time the government came clean.

'The government's 'no carbon tax' promise was misleading, its Treasury modelling's based on misleading assumptions and now government-funded reports have been found to be misleading.

'If the government was prepared to have an honest debate about the introduction of its tax they'd quickly know its carbon tax and direct action renewable energy fund would massively increase electricity prices, impose a higher tax than any other country and damage the Australian economy.

'It's time Minister Combet told the Australian people when he knew China's carbon tax numbers were not comparable and why he kept misleading the public', Mr Wilson said.

The Freedom of Information documents are attached on the following pages.

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