IPA launches climate advertising


| John Roskam

IPA launches climate advertising

The free market think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs, has launched the first of a series of advertisements to highlight its climate change research.

A full page advertisement appeared in The Australian today. It assesses a claim by the Prime Minister that China is ‘tackling carbon emissions.' A copy of the ad is attached to this media release.

Executive Director, John Roskam, said Australians deserved to see the research about the carbon tax.

‘The carbon tax is the greatest threat to the free market in Australia since bank nationalisation in 1947. Just as the IPA then stood strong against an assault on the free market and individual liberty, we are doing so again today.

‘IPA staff have demonstrated through research and print, radio and television appearances that this carbon tax is a massive regulation of the Australian economy and is unwise, unnecessary and draconian,' said Mr Roskam.

‘We are proud to be a loud voice for freedom in Australia, and these advertisements are just the first step to spread the IPA's message to an even wider audience,' said Mr Roskam.


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