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Sinclair Davidson

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Senior Researcher Fellow

Sinclair Davidson is Professor in the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing at RMIT and a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs. He has written extensively on taxation policy in Australia and is a regular contributor to public debate. His opinion pieces have been published in The Age, The Australian, Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald, and Wall Street Journal Asia. Sinclair has also published in academic journals such as the European Journal of Political Economy, Review of Political Economy, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization and the Cato Journal.

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Does Australia have a Productivity Growth Problem?

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Sinclair Davidson and Ashton de Silva

Ever since Paul Krugman stated that productivity was ‘almost everything', policy makers have been obsessed with improving it. This focus has led to a great deal of policy confusion. Productivity is important, but it is not an active policy...

Submission to the Senate inquiry into Competition within the Australian Banking Sector

SUBMISSION | Sinclair Davidson

Kevin Rudd's darkest days

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Sinclair Davidson

Kevin Rudd spent a fair amount of his intellectual capacity drubbing Friedrich von Hayek. Two major speeches given to the Centre for Independent Studies put the boot into Hayek who had also featured prominently in Ruddite essays deploring free...

Economists as social engineers

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Sinclair Davidson

In this paper, I make the argument that modern "mainstream" economic thought is inclined towards government intervention and social engineering. To the extent that economic analysis is seen simply as a tool it is likely that economists will...

Climategate: What we've learned so far

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Chris Berg and Sinclair Davidson

The exposure of thousands of emails and documents from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia is one of the biggest developments in the climate change debate for the last ten years. The emails-now dubbed...

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Evasion, Avoidance or Simply Compliance? The G20's Most Taxing Issue

Economics & Deregulation | Sinclair Davidson
International Banker 17th November, 2014

In November, Australia will host the G20 meetings in Brisbane. Included in an overly ambitious agenda is international tax avoidance or, as the...

ANU simply playing politics with investments

Economics & Deregulation and Education | Sinclair Davidson
The Drum 15th October, 2014

The Australian National University's decision to adopt socially responsible investment criteria for managing its $1 billion investment portfolio...

Anti-coal activism has unsound basis

Economics & Deregulation, Energy and Climate Change | Sinclair Davidson
Australian Financial Review 23rd June, 2014

The fossil fuel industry, in general, and the coal industry, in particular, has come under attack from environmental activists seeking to end...

Cherry-picking stats an uncertain science

Ideas & Liberty and Deregulation Unit | Sinclair Davidson
The Australian 18th June, 2014

There has been a kerfuffle over Christian Kerr's article last week. On Monday night, Media Watch got into the act. So let's remind ourselves of the...

GP tax fraught with snags

Economics & Deregulation | Sinclair Davidson
Australian Financial Review 3rd June, 2014

When Julia Gillard imposed a price on carbon, most people recognised this as being a broken tax promise. Notwithstanding the professed nobility of...