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Simon Breheny

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Director, Legal Rights Project and Editor, FreedomWatch

Simon Breheny is Director of the Legal Rights Project and Editor of FreedomWatch at the Institute of Public Affairs.

Simon has been published in The Australian, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Herald Sun, the Punch, the Canberra Times and the Sunday Tasmanian. He is regularly interviewed on radio around the country in relation to legal rights and rule of law issues and has appeared on ABC's Lateline and News Breakfast, ABC News 24, Channel 7's Weekend Sunrise and Sky News' Lunchtime Agenda and PM Agenda.

Simon has also appeared as a witness to give expert evidence before the Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications, NSW Legislative Council Standing Committee on Law and Justice, Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee and the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security.

Simon is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws at the University of Melbourne. While completing his studies, Simon was elected President of the Melbourne University Law Students' Society and appointed Vice-President of the Victorian Council of Law Students' Societies.

Areas of expertise: legal rights, rule of law, legal history and philosophy, freedom of speech, property rights, privacy and regulatory agencies.


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Telephone: 03 9600 4744

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