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Scott Hargreaves

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Scott Hargreaves is a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs. He is an independent consultant with over with twenty years' experience advising a range of private and public organisations, including major energy providers and an international resources company. He has contributed to the IPA Review, the IPA's 100 Great Books of Liberty, and other publications. He has post graduate qualifications in Public Policy, Business Administration, and Commercial Law. His principal research interest at the IPA is the Foundations of Western Civilisation program.

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A Trump administration will be a net positive for the United States' economy. Yes, restricting international trade will harm growth. But the ambitious agenda to cut corporate and income taxes, open up fossil-fuel production, deregulate financial...

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IPA Review | March 2009 Scott Hargreaves reviews Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin (Simon & Schuster, 2005, 944 pages) In selecting Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State President Obama has made history repeat itself. His historical...

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Scott Hargreaves reviews Young Stalin. Young Stalin is in the best Hollywood tradition of the prequel. Written after the highly rated and popular work on Stalin, The Court of the Red Tsar, Young Stalin delves into his early life as a son, student,...

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Loving the Corporation

| Scott Hargreaves
Counterpoint 19th September, 2006

When Peter Drucker died late last year, his reputation as the "father of the modern management" was secure. Leading business figures such as Jack...