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Ron Brunton

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Unauthorized Arrivals: The Unapalatable Alternitives


There are only two policy choices with respect to unauthorized arrivals: embrace some sort of 'open door' policy or ration a determinate number of places. In reality, only the latter is feasible.

The End of the Overpopulation Crisis?


Over the past half century, the ‘population explosion’ has been presented as a grave threat to humanity. But as different apocalyptic predictions have failed to eventuate, the justifications have shifted,...

Betraying the Victims: The 'Stolen Generations' Report


The seriousness of the ‘stolen generations’ issue should not be underestimated, and Aborigines are fully entitled to demand an acknowledgement of the wrongs that many of them suffered at the hands of various...

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In the Supermarket of the Soul, Not all Aisles Lead to Christ

| Ron Brunton
Courier Mail 24th November, 2001

One of the nice things about our multicultural and ecumenical society is that an irreligious Jew like myself can comment on disputes within the...

It's Not Easy Beating Greens

Food & Environment | Ron Brunton
Courier Mail 10th November, 2001

A leftist vegetarian academic who once belonged to Greenpeace writes about the state of the world's environment. The outcome would seem...

Dealing with the Indonesian Connection

| Ron Brunton
Courier Mail 27th October, 2001

Kim Beazley is right. Proper management of the humanitarian, security and economic problems caused by boat people arriving illegally on our shores...

Time to Condemn Fanatics

| Ron Brunton
Courier Mail 13th October, 2001

Imagine that a wealthy, far-flung and fanatical Christian group, outraged by the mistreatment of Christians in a Muslim country such as Sudan, was...

Just Asking for a Rethink

| Ron Brunton
Courier Mail 29th September, 2001

Like most Australians, I was appalled by the pictures of Palestinians celebrating the terrorist assaults on the World Trade Centre and the...