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Legal Rights Audit 2016

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Morgan Begg and Simon Breheny

This report was authored by Simon Breheny and Morgan Begg, with assistance from Jake Fraser This report illustrates the ongoing erosion of legal rights that persists in Australia. This has been measured by an analysis of the content of all...


IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Morgan Begg and Simon Breheny

Debate over the constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders has consumed Australia's political class for almost a decade. Ever since former Prime Minister John Howard promised to recognise indigenous Australians in the...

Legal rights audit 2015


This report illustrates the increasing regulatory burden, and the extent to which legal rights continue to be breached in new laws passed every year. This has been measured by assessing the volume and content of all legislation passed by the...

Failure of Lomborg centre a victory for censorship: IPA


The Turnbull government's decision to abandon funding for Bjorn Lomborg's Australia Consensus Centre reveals the dire state of academic freedom in Australia, according to free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. "This is a victory...

Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Personal Choice and Community Impact

SUBMISSION | Morgan Begg, Chris Berg and Simon Breheny

Australia has a long history of paternalism. We invented the word ‘wowser' to describe everything from early closing to restrictions on mixed-sex bathing. Historically, paternalism has been justified on mixture of moral, religious and social...

Submission to the Legislative Council Inquiry into the Public Health Amendment

SUBMISSION | Morgan Begg

Establishing by statute a ‘tobacco-free generation' is effectively prohibition by stealth, which will separate Tasmanians into two separate classes. Prohibition is ineffective as it strengthens the illicit tobacco market, which has been...

The state of fundamental legal rights in Australia

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Morgan Begg and Simon Breheny

Fundamental legal rights have evolved over hundreds of years. Predominantly, these rights originate from English legal tradition and have been further developed through other Western legal systems. The common law rights that have arisen out of...

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