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Julie Novak

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Senior Fellow

Julie Novak is a Senior Fellow with the Institute of Public Affairs. She has previously worked for Commonwealth and State public sector agencies, including the Commonwealth Treasury and Productivity Commission. Julie was also previously advisor to the Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Her opinion pieces have been published in The Australian, Australian Financial Review, The Age, and the Courier Mail, on issues ranging from state public finances to social services reform.

Areas of expertise: Public finance, government administration and bureaucracy, education policy, health policy, welfare and social policy

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Annual Wage Review 2014

IPA releases new Australian freedom index: WA freest state; Tas least free


New research has found that Western Australia was the freest state for economic activities in 2011, while Tasmania was the least free state, according to free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. "In an Australian first, the IPA...

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