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James Paterson

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Deputy Executive Director

James Paterson is the Deputy Executive Director. Previously, he served as Editor of the IPA Review and Director of Development and Communications. James has appeared on ABC's Q&A, Sky News, ABCNews24, 774 Melbourne and 3AW. James' research and analysis has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Australian, The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, The Spectator and Quadrant.

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Section 18c, We Will Continue Fighting - The Australian


If you missed the IPA's full page statement on section 18C in The Australian on Friday, 8 August, you can see the final print version here. Thank you to the 501 IPA members and donors who together contributed $60,294 to make the ad possible.

Public broadcaster or green activist? How the ABC spins Australias energy choices


The ABC has a persistent and systemic left wing bias in its coverage of contemporary Australian political issues. This report marks the first time that a comprehensive, independent and scientific assessment of ABC bias has been undertaken.

Independent report reveals ABC biased against fossil fuels

MEDIA RELEASE | James Paterson

"As a taxpayer-funded broadcaster, the ABC is required to be impartial, balanced and objective. The ABC's coverage of energy policy issues fails that test. Independent analysis commissioned by the Institute of Public Affairs reveals that the ABC...

Aunty out of control


There's only one way to fix the ABC, and that is by privatising it. Everything else is window dressing. If the ABC wants to be reformed, they are doing everything in their power to make it happen. Since the election of the Abbott government, it is...

Victories for free speech


Canada's successful effort to repeal laws that curtail freedom of speech demonstrates that restoring free speech is possible, but far from guaranteed. It's taken their Conservative government six years to take action on an unpopular law which...

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The ABC debate: we have Mamamia and BuzzFeed, we don't need the ABC anymore

| James Paterson
Crikey 24th October, 2014

The arguments for a publicly funded ABC are weaker today than they ever have been. If there ever were a persuasive case for a lavishly...

Environment of fear as ABC fails bias test

Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit | James Paterson
The Australian 12th August, 2014

THE ABC is not like any other broadcaster. With more than $1 billion in public funding, we rightly demand the ABC be rigorously fair, balanced and...

Ignore the hysteria: it's time we privatised the tone-deaf, left-leaning ABC

Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit | James Paterson
The Age 30th January, 2014

No media organisation is above criticism - even from a prime minister. That's especially the case when the media organisation in question is funded...

Conroy's media regulation proposals fail the public interest test

Freedom of Speech and Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit | James Paterson
The Australian 13th March, 2013

All politicians are self-interested. But few are as shameless as Communications Minister Stephen Conroy. His proposed "media reforms" may be a...

James Paterson's Diary

Ideas & Liberty | James Paterson
The Spectator Australia 15th February, 2013

The best thing about appearing on Q&A is not hanging out with Tony Jones backstage, or even appearing before 700,000 viewers on ABC1. It's...