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Dom Talimanidis

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Ian Mence Fellow for Entrepreneurship

Dom Talimanidis is the Ian Mence Fellow for Entrepreneurship at the Institute of Public Affairs. Dom has been published in the Herald Sun and has been interviewed on radio around the country as part of his previous role as Director of the North Australia Project. Dom has previously worked as an intern at United Kingdom Trade and Investment. Dom completed a Masters in European and International Studies at Monash University after graduating from the University of Melbourne.

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Things are getting better all the time: A snapshot of Australian living standards in the long run

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Mikayla Novak and Dom Talimanidis

Australians have come a long way over these past two centuries, as evidenced by the numerous improvements in our health, education, and material living standards. As diseases are increasingly being conquered thanks to medical technologies,...

How entrepreneurs fuel creative destruction

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Dom Talimanidis

In 1983, Peter Drucker wrote ‘it is [Joseph] Schumpeter who will shape the thinking and inform the questions on economic policy for the rest of this century, if not the next thirty or fifty years.' George Gilder would agree. Gilder is one of...

Dams will facilitate Northern development

MEDIA RELEASE | Dom Talimanidis

The Coalition's draft discussion paper on water management, reported in today's media, is a welcome recognition of the important role dams could play in revolutionising Northern Australia's economy, according to the Institute of Public Affairs....

Coalition's Northern vision welcomed

MEDIA RELEASE | Dom Talimanidis

The Coalition's draft discussion paper on Developing Northern Australia, reported in today's media, is a welcome recognition of the potential for Northern Australia to be the driving force of the Australian economy in coming decades, according to...

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The Guardian 29th August, 2014

The release yesterday of Qantas' yearly results gave another clear indication that the outdated legislation that continues to hamper its ability to...

Labor's feeble appeal to enterprise

Economics & Deregulation | Dom Talimanidis
Australian Financial Review 27th May, 2014

In Chris Bowen's budget reply speech to the National Press Club last Wednesday we were introduced to an apparent change in direction for Labor's...

We're missing the boat on the quest for entrepreneurial graduates

Education | Dom Talimanidis
The Australian 4th December, 2013

For years, the term entrepreneur had negative connotations. Associations of getting rich at the expense of others were particularly pervasive after...

Let us decide what we want to watch

Ideas & Liberty | Dom Talimanidis
Herald Sun 10th August, 2012

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a tough sport. It's like a combination of boxing and wrestling and judo and taekwondo, and it's held in a...