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Taxi licence compensation sends the wrong message

Economics & Deregulation | Darcy Allen
Herald Sun 15th February, 2017

Lines of taxi drivers crawled across the Bolte Bridge in Melbourne on Monday. Their protest wasn't over pay, conditions or safety. It was over the...

Red tape hampers resources recovery for miners

Energy | Darcy Allen
West Australian 8th October, 2016

The future prosperity of resource-rich states such as Western Australia is threatened by unnecessary regulatory roadblocks. Capitalising on a...

Cut green and red tape to drive more growth in farming sector

Economics & Deregulation | Darcy Allen
Mercury 31st July, 2016

The release of the new Productivity Commission draft report into the regulation of agriculture confirms that Tasmanian farmers are shackled by...

Drive productivity through innovation

Economics & Deregulation | Darcy Allen
Farm Weekly 28th July, 2016

When digesting the Productivity Commission report into the regulation of agriculture, policy makers should redouble efforts to drive productivity...

Red tape the big hurdle for the mining industry

Economics & Deregulation | Darcy Allen
The West Australian 24th June, 2016

This week the Mining Business Outlook 2016 by Newport Consulting outlined the challenges and opportunities facing 50 of Australia's most prominent...

Let's get rid of this suffocating bureaucracy

Economics & Deregulation | Darcy Allen
The Weekly Times 8th June, 2016

Politicians often claim Australia can be "the food bowl of Asia". Why, then, do they keep wrapping our farmers in red tape? The Federal Government...

'Proactive' regulation a bad idea

Economics & Deregulation | Darcy Allen
On Line Opinion 27th April, 2016

This article was written by Darcy Allen, Research Fellow, and Jason Potts, Adjunct Fellow The Australian Securities and Investments Commission...

Why the proposed tree laws are the very worst kind of red tape

Economics & Deregulation | Darcy Allen
Queensland Country Life 7th April, 2016

The proposed vegetation clearing laws are red tape halting economic growth, suppressing entrepreneurship, and damaging our international...

Public taken for a ride by government crackdown on Uber

Economics & Deregulation | Darcy Allen
The West Australian 10th July, 2015

Nothing shows the mismatch between public sentiment and government action more clearly than Uber. Regulators seem determined to destroy an industry...

New laws will impact Sydney apartment sizes

Economics & Deregulation | Darcy Allen
Sydney Morning Herald 4th May, 2015

Sydneysiders are now even more restricted in what size they may build their own apartments, given the latest minimum apartment size restrictions,...

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