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Daniel Wild

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Research Fellow

Daniel Wild is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs. He specialises in red tape, regulation, economic policy, the philosophy of free enterprise, and criminal justice. Daniel has authored a number of research papers, and has published op-eds in The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Courier Mail, and The Spectator.

Daniel has also appeared on a number of occasions as a policy commentator on Sky News PM Agenda and Channel 7 News.

Daniel previously worked at the Commonwealth Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet where he analysed global and domestic macroeconomic policy. Prior to that he worked at the Commonwealth Department of Finance where he worked on deregulation. Daniel holds an honours qualification in economics and a degree in international studies from the University of Adelaide.

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The New Brisbane Line

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Scott Hargreaves and Daniel Wild

In the darkest days of World War II, military planners considered falling back to protect Australia's industrial heartland in the south-east, below what became known as the Brisbane Line. Now Australia has a new Brisbane Line, stretching more or...

Abolish The Australian Communications And Media Authority


The Australia Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) should be abolished. 1. The ACMA is a threat to free speech. 2. The ACMA's functions are redundant. 3. The ACMA imposes costs on the Australian economy. The IPA recommended abolishing the...

IPA Welcomes PC Call To Cut Farming Red Tape


"The Productivity Commission's final report, Regulation of Australian Agriculture, shows that red tape is the biggest factor undermining prosperity in the agricultural sector," said Daniel Wild, research fellow with free market think tank the...

Business Investment In Australia Now Lower Than Under Whitlam


Business investment in Australia is 12.2% of GDP and is forecast to fall to a record low nine per cent of GDP by 2020, according to Macquarie Research. During the Whitlam era of economic crisis business investment averaged 13.7% of GDP.

IPA: Victorian Opposition Right To Repeal Victorian Renewable Energy Target


"The Victorian Opposition is right to scrap the Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) in Victoria. It is a costly scheme which raises energy prices while providing no noticeable benefits to the environment," said Daniel Wild, Research Fellow...

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Courier Mail 5th October, 2016

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Red tape is strangling Australia's primary resources industries

Economics & Deregulation | Daniel Wild
The Australian 15th August, 2016

The Palaszczuk government's proposed changes to native vegetation laws demonstrate how Australia's economic growth and prosperity is being held...

As a rule, bureaucracy is smothering agriculture

Economics & Deregulation | Daniel Wild
Weekly Times 10th August, 2016

The Productivity Commission's call to slash red tape across the agricultural sector is exactly what our farmers need. The recently released draft...