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Young People Need Hope And Jobs, Not Gesture Politics

Ideas & Liberty | Brett Hogan
The Spectator Australia 8th April, 2017

Calls from two Nick Xenophon Team parliamentarians and Independent Member for Indi Cathy McGowan to establish a Federal Minister for Young People...

Like It Or Not, Coal Is Still King

Energy | Brett Hogan
The Spectator Australia 23rd March, 2017

On Wednesday, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club and CoalSwarm released the 2017 edition of Boom and Bust: Tracking the Global Coal Plant Pipeline, a...

Federal spending a dangerous drug of dependence

Economics & Deregulation | Brett Hogan
Australian Financial Review 22nd September, 2016

While the deal struck last week between the government and opposition to get $6.3 billion of savings over four years through the Parliament is...

Energy ministers need to facilitate, not limit, consumer choices

Energy | Brett Hogan
Australian Financial Review 19th August, 2016

As the nation's Energy Ministers prepare for Friday's meeting in Canberra to discuss how to "ensure energy markets remain stable and secure" it...

Brexit: Bruised egos will heal, trading relationships will endure

Economics & Deregulation | Brett Hogan
Lowy Interpreter 29th June, 2016

This article was written by John Roskam and Brett Hogan Brexit's victory in last Thursday's referendum may very well have been a surprise for the...

Brexit would be good for the UK and good for Europe

Ideas & Liberty | Brett Hogan
Lowy Interpreter 22nd June, 2016

This article was written by Brett Hogan and John Roskam. This week's referendum on whether the UK remains with, or leaves, the EU is primarily...

Super rich tax is coming for you

Economics & Deregulation | Brett Hogan
Daily Telegraph 12th May, 2016

The government and Opposition have been justifying their superannuation policies by claiming their targets are "only" the top 1 or 4 per cent....

Why Scott Morrison's budget super changes are retrospective

Economics & Deregulation | Brett Hogan
Australian Financial Review 10th May, 2016

In September last year Treasurer Scott Morrison promised: "What we want to make sure of with superannuation is that we need to respect the fact...

Now Michael Lawler's gone, abolish the Fair Work Commission too

Work Reform and Productivity Unit | Brett Hogan
The AFR 4th March, 2016

Yesterday's resignation of Fair Work Commission Vice President Michael Lawler should be the first in a two-step reform process. The second step...

Republicans can teach the Coalition about principles

Ideas & Liberty | Brett Hogan
Australian Financial Review 11th February, 2016

While many Australians are enjoying the theatre of the United States presidential primaries, the contest is revealing a vast difference between the...

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