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The punishment must fit the crime, not the criminal

MEDIA RELEASE | Andrew Bushnell

Today Institute of Public Affairs Research Fellows Andrew Bushnell and Darcy Allen presented at the Senate, Economics References Committee Inquiry into criminal, civil and administrative penalties for white collar crime. IPA research released this...

IPA opening statements to the Senate Inquiry into Criminal, Civil and Administrative Penalties for White Collar Crime

SUBMISSION | Darcy Allen and Andrew Bushnell

Our submission is informed by the work of our ongoing criminal justice project, which is developing policy reform across the criminal justice system, from incarceration, to policing, to the criminal law. Institute of Public Affairs research...

The Use of Prisons in Australia: Reform Directions

OCCASIONAL PAPER | Andrew Bushnell and Daniel Wild

One of the most important roles for government is the protection of people's lives, liberty and possessions through a well-functioning criminal justice system. Keeping people safe from violence gives them confidence to live, work and raise a...

IPA research indicates need for criminal justice reform

MEDIA RELEASE | Andrew Bushnell

"Australia's overuse of prison is failing to keep the community safe from crime by wasting resources that could be better spent elsewhere in the criminal justice system," said Andrew Bushnell, Research Fellow at the free market think tank, the...

Submission to the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory

SUBMISSION | Andrew Bushnell

The central contention of this submission is that while there is rightly significant community concern about the operation of youth justice facilities in the Northern Territory, this concern should not be used to indict the entire youth justice...

Royal Commission Into Abuse in Juvenile Detention Should Put Criminal Justice Reform on the National Agenda

MEDIA RELEASE | Andrew Bushnell

"The 4 Corners exposé of abuse in juvenile detention centres in the Northern Territory has shocked the national conscience and should raise broader questions about Australia's approach to criminal justice," said Andrew Bushnell, Research...

IPA: NSW holding cell chaos a symptom of a wider problem

MEDIA RELEASE | Andrew Bushnell

"Revelations today that Oliver Curtis is still being detained in a holding cell longer than the maximum 48 hours highlight Australia's over-incarceration problem, with millions of dollars squandered every year imprisoning people who are no threat...

IPA: Curtis prison sentence needless and wasteful

MEDIA RELEASE | Andrew Bushnell

"Today's sentencing of Oliver Curtis to prison is a good example of Australia's over-incarceration problem, with millions of dollars squandered every year imprisoning people who are no threat to the community," said Andrew Bushnell, Research...

IPA: Reforms to fine recovery laws are a good idea

MEDIA RELEASE | Andrew Bushnell

"The Australian Labor Party's proposal to enforce court-ordered fines through the tax and transfer system is a good idea that deserves widespread support," said Andrew Bushnell, Research Fellow with the free market think tank the Institute of...

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