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'Comfort women' statue row shows absurdity of 18C

Freedom of Speech | Andrew Bushnell
The Australian 19th December, 2016

A law against offending people is a stupid idea, a truth that is now being confirmed on an almost daily basis. In recent months we have seen the...

Key lesson is that a bold agenda is possible

Economics & Deregulation | Andrew Bushnell
Australian Financial Review 6th December, 2016

The New Zealand prime minister is rightly being showered with praise from over this side of the Tasman. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Key's...

South Australia's new home detention laws should not be about coddling criminals

Ideas & Liberty | Andrew Bushnell
Adelaide Advertiser 28th October, 2016

Lindsay Bassani, a former Education Department bureaucrat and football coach, was sentenced to home detention after stealing almost $10,000 from...

We Need To Raise The Bar Of Our Criminal Justice System

Ideas & Liberty | Andrew Bushnell
Huffington Post 1st August, 2016

The recent Four Corners exposé of mistreatment of young people in juvenile detention in the Northern Territory shocked all Australians. The...

Let's get fine defaulters out of our jails

Ideas & Liberty | Andrew Bushnell
Canberra Times 28th July, 2016

Reporting of Andrew Leigh's reappointment as shadow assistant treasurer has been dominated by the strange decision of the Labor Party to reduce his...

Why Oliver Curtis shouldn't go to jail for insider trading

Economics & Deregulation | Andrew Bushnell
Australian Financial Review 9th June, 2016

Last week, Sydney socialite Oliver Curtis, who has attracted headlines through his marriage to public relations adviser Roxy Jacenko, was convicted...

Savings from cutting prison population could put more police on the street

Ideas & Liberty | Andrew Bushnell
Adelaide Advertiser 27th May, 2016

The number of people in Australian prisons has increased 40 per cent over the past 10 years. In South Australia the prison population has increased...

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