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'Carbon cops' destined to join mega-regulators club

Energy and Climate Change | Chris Berg
The Drum 3rd August, 2011

The powers which the Gillard Government intends to give the Clean Energy Regulator are unquestionably illiberal. The climate body will be able to...

Peak productivity, living standards set for carbon tax sacrifice

Energy and Climate Change | Alan Moran
The Drum 2nd August, 2011

Campaigning by politicians through the power generation regions of the Latrobe Valley and the Hunter have focussed on the effects of a carbon tax...

Two speeds? Too vague

Economics & Deregulation | John Roskam
The Australian Financial Review 1st August, 2011

A few years ago, our economy was stereotyped as "a quarry and a beach". (Thanks to the high Australian dollar we now no longer fear we11 be turned...

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