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ABC 24-hour news plan will cripple diversity

Governance & Service Provision and Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit | Tim Wilson
The Australian 1st February, 2010

The announcement by ABC managing director Mark Scott of a new 24-hour, seven-day-a-week television news channel will harm Australia's media...

Leadership lacking on tax

Economics & Deregulation and Governance & Service Provision | John Roskam
The Australian Financial Review 29th January, 2010

At the rate Kevin Rudd is going, there's every chance tax reform will go the same way as "the greatest moral challenge of our generation". After...

What do Haitians need most? To get away from Haiti

Economics & Deregulation and Food & Environment | Chris Berg
The Sunday Age 24th January, 2010

It will take much more than a global outpouring of grief to fix Haiti. But there is one concrete way rich countries could really help out -...

Legislated robbery must be restrained

Economics & Deregulation and Ideas & Liberty | Alan Moran
Herald Sun 23rd January, 2010

New South Wales landowner Peter Spencer recently ended a hunger strike protesting about a state government zoning that prevented farming on his...

Obama a victim as Americans struggle to accept a lesser role

Governance & Service Provision The Age 22nd January, 2010

If a week is a long time in politics, then a year is an eternity. Twelve months ago, Barack Obama's presidential inauguration completed a political...

The Tote faces the music

Ideas & Liberty and Nanny State | Chris Doig
Online Opinion 22nd January, 2010

The closure of iconic rock venue The Tote provoked a groundswell of opposition to Victorian Premier John Brumby's draconian liquor licensing laws....

Massachusetts' message

Governance & Service Provision and Health | Tim Wilson
ABC The Drum Unleashed 21st January, 2010

The US Democrats Senate election failure in their traditionally Massachusetts stronghold was a consequence of President Obama not listening to why...

Lack of Global Agreement Offers a Chance to Cut Our Losses

Economics & Deregulation, Food & Environment, Energy and Climate Change | Alan Moran
The Australian 21st January, 2010

Most politicians across the world recognise that measures to reduce CO2 emissions impose costs on their economies, whether they employ a carbon...

Free Trade Brings Heaps of Benefits

Trade & IP Unit | Tim Wilson
The Australian 18th January, 2010

It's five years since our free trade agreement with the US entered into force and the results are in: Australia has won. In the lead-up to January...

Why palm oil does not deserve its bad press

Food & Environment and Trade & IP Unit | Tim Wilson
New Straits Times 16th January, 2010

Recent campaigns against palm oil show non-governmental organisations are more interested in pandering to rich country donors than promoting...

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