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Legislated robbery must be restrained

Economics & Deregulation and Ideas & Liberty | Alan Moran
Herald Sun 23rd January, 2010

New South Wales landowner Peter Spencer recently ended a hunger strike protesting about a state government zoning that prevented farming on his...

Obama a victim as Americans struggle to accept a lesser role

Governance & Service Provision | Tom Switzer
The Age 22nd January, 2010

If a week is a long time in politics, then a year is an eternity. Twelve months ago, Barack Obama's presidential inauguration completed a political...

The Tote faces the music

Ideas & Liberty and Nanny State | Chris Doig
Online Opinion 22nd January, 2010

The closure of iconic rock venue The Tote provoked a groundswell of opposition to Victorian Premier John Brumby's draconian liquor licensing laws....

Massachusetts' message

Governance & Service Provision and Health | Tim Wilson
ABC The Drum Unleashed 21st January, 2010

The US Democrats Senate election failure in their traditionally Massachusetts stronghold was a consequence of President Obama not listening to why...

Lack of Global Agreement Offers a Chance to Cut Our Losses

Economics & Deregulation, Food & Environment, Energy and Climate Change | Alan Moran
The Australian 21st January, 2010

Most politicians across the world recognise that measures to reduce CO2 emissions impose costs on their economies, whether they employ a carbon...

Free Trade Brings Heaps of Benefits

Trade & IP Unit | Tim Wilson
The Australian 18th January, 2010

It's five years since our free trade agreement with the US entered into force and the results are in: Australia has won. In the lead-up to January...

Why palm oil does not deserve its bad press

Food & Environment and Trade & IP Unit | Tim Wilson
New Straits Times 16th January, 2010

Recent campaigns against palm oil show non-governmental organisations are more interested in pandering to rich country donors than promoting...

More police on the beat the answer to drunks' violence

Health and Nanny State | Tim Wilson
The Daily Telegraph 15th January, 2010

What have the NSW Police been drinking? An email from Chief Inspector Haberley to Sydney bottle shops asks that they take full-strength products...

The Climate is Changing

Economics & Deregulation, Governance & Service Provision and Climate Change | Tom Switzer
Wall Street Journal 12th January, 2010

When I say the climate is changing, I do not mean, as many people do, that man-made global warming is destroying Planet Earth. I mean that the...

Lost property: home in deed but not in fact

Economics & Deregulation and Nanny State | Chris Berg
The Sunday Age 10th January, 2010

Debates over public policy rarely pivot on philosophical questions. But here's one: what does it actually mean to "own" your property? NSW farmer...

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