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Stop picking on the pokies

Nanny State | Richard Allsop 2nd December, 2009

It has been a bad few weeks for the rights of poker machine users. First, there was the draft Productivity Commission (PC) report which, despite...

Hey Mr Garrett! Time to get off our arts and do nothing

Governance & Service Provision and Nanny State | Chris Berg
The Sunday Age 29th November, 2009

If everything goes to plan, soon Australia will have its very own national cultural policy. This is great news if you have been concerned that...

Stimulus over, time for Rudd to rein in spending

Economics & Deregulation | Alan Moran
Herald Sun 28th November, 2009

The global financial crisis left vast holes in the world's major advanced economies. The US, Japan and European Union all ended 2009 with their...

No longer business as usual

Economics & Deregulation, Governance & Service Provision and Climate Change | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 27th November, 2009

The business lobby groups wanted a carbon emissions trading scheme - and now, thanks to Malcolm Turnbull, they have one. The Business Council of...

The perils of a fat tax

Economics & Deregulation, Health, Food and Nanny State | Mikayla Novak 27th November, 2009

If the legislation for the Orwellian­-sounding Australian National Preventive Health Agency passes, then expect an avalanche of make­-work...

A perfect political storm

Economics & Deregulation, Governance & Service Provision, Ideas & Liberty and Climate Change | Tim Wilson
The Age 26th November, 2009

The past 48 hours have been probably the most divisive in the history of the modern Liberal Party. But there needn't be lasting damage. Malcolm...

Do taxpayers really need to pay for the ABC any more?

Economics & Deregulation | Sinclair Davidson 26th November, 2009

Mark Latham is a fine example of the economic principle of specialisation and the division of labour. He is an excellent public intellectual but...

Little to gain, a lot to lose

Economics & Deregulation and Climate Change | Carolyn Popp
ABC Unleashed 25th November, 2009

The Federal Government's proposed Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) has already crippled parliamentary proceedings and cost taxpayers millions. And it...

Too much pain, too little to gain

Economics & Deregulation, Energy and Climate Change | Alan Moran
The Australian 25th November, 2009

The government says its emissions trading scheme tax will bring no risk to the economy. Indeed, Kevin Rudd constantly harps about savings of 15 per...

CRU emails reveal a worrying pattern of bad behaviour

Economics & Deregulation and Climate Change | Sinclair Davidson 23rd November, 2009

Sometime last week the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia was hacked and materials stolen off its server. That...

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