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Metadata and the subversion of privacy

Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit | Julie Novak
Sydney Morning Herald 20th September, 2014

The core government responsibility of protecting lives should not have to come at the cost of illiberal privacy subversions, as represented by the...

Will we kill civilians in an effort to save them?

| Chris Berg
The Drum 16th September, 2014

The humanitarian intervention problem is that the following two propositions are both equally true. First, there is a moral imperative to prevent...

Abbott heads for the shifting centre

Ideas & Liberty | John Roskam
Australian Financial Review 12th September, 2014

All things considered, the Coalition government isn't going too badly when on the first anniversary of its election it is only trailing the Labor...

Tony Abbott's internet filter is full of holes

Media, Telecommunications and IT Unit | Simon Breheny
Daily Telegraph 10th September, 2014

If the Abbott government proceeds with its current proposal to crack down on online copyright ­infringement it will be reviving ­elements...

Romanticising reform: we've set the bar too high

Ideas & Liberty | Chris Berg
The Drum 10th September, 2014

Is major economic reform no longer possible? That's the conclusion Paul Kelly draws in his recently released history of the Rudd and Gillard...

Public spending cuts: Objection must be overcome

Economics & Deregulation | Julie Novak
Canberra Times 6th September, 2014

Even if the Abbott government succeeds in getting its key budget measures passed, the fiscal sustainability challenge still looms menacingly into...

Arts venture capitalism

Economics & Deregulation | Jason Potts
The Conversation 4th September, 2014

The arts economy by-and-large replicates the rest of the economy in its structures, complexity and diversity. There is a craft-based core unchanged...

Don't rush to Act on terrorism threat

| Chris Berg
The Drum 2nd September, 2014

Specific policy problems demand specific policy solutions. So the Abbott Government has done us a favour by being very specific about the new...

Innocence has been lost

Legal Rights Project | Simon Breheny
Australian Financial Review 29th August, 2014

The federal Opposition Leader was asked in a press conference this week whether he supports proposed laws that could send journalists to prison for...

Qantas posts record loss: where did it go so wrong?

Economics & Deregulation | Dom Talimanidis
The Guardian 29th August, 2014

The release yesterday of Qantas' yearly results gave another clear indication that the outdated legislation that continues to hamper its ability to...